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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I am sure after doing this you will find Google is something more than search engine...

Do A Barrel Roll

The Keyword ‘Do a barrel roll’  rotate  the result page around it’s own axis. Search the keyword without quotes (‘) for funny result.

Google Gravity

You want to see Google affected by gravity? Click Google Gravity


It was created for the anniversary of the game pacman, but is still available. Go to page Google Pacman and play version of this famous game.

Les Paul 96th Birthday (Guitar)

This was created to celebrate the guitarist
Les Paul Birthday. Google doodle is turned into a guitar that Can be played with the mouse or the keyboard keys. It is made  to record the songs and send to someone via the link generated.

Google Sphere

Look for Google Sphere with I’m Feeling Lucky and see it turning into a moving ball. You can even search images but the result will be moving form.


As the the keywords suggests google page will lean by searching these keywords ‘Tilt’ or ‘Askew’ without quotes (‘).

Google MentalPlex

The Google MentalPlex is the tool which enables search by just thinking. According to the instructions, You Should removes your hat and glasses and think about what you want to find. Of course it does not work, right? It was only a joke of April 1st.

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