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Friday, 29 May 2015

Monday, 11 May 2015

The Worst Feelings In The World
It’s that sinking feeling deep inside your stomach you get,
and it’s as though your heart is literally being ripped into
small, tiny pieces and you feel so horrible inside and so sick
and so .. so broken.
 Being Lied To, Cheated On, Rejected, Forgotten
You feel like a ghost, like no one notices you and your emotions.
Like you’re a piece of paper that someone threw in the trash or
ripped in pieces. And there’s that sad, empty pit in your stomach
and it feels like you’re slowly rotting and no one cares.
 Losing A Loved One [Friend, Boyfriend, Family Member]
A sadness sets inside of you and a broken hope. You feel like
the past was forgotten, and your relationship has sunk. You feel
empty inside and for a moment, you wonder: ‘Where did we go wrong?’
 Having A Loved One Die
It’s that feeling of anger and regret and you wonder why life is so unfair. You get a headache,
and you feel so dizzy and
wonder if you’re trapped in a nightmare.
 Guilt & Shame
It’s that pit inside your stomach and it’s that sadness you get
when you realize you’ve done something wrong. It’s that fear
that someone will realize what you’ve done and that sadness inside.
It’s feeling like a lost child, it’s feeling like you’re in a dark room
and you’ll never see light. It’s not knowing what’s around the corner. It’s sickening.
 Losing Someone’s Trust
It’s that confusion and that wonder of what you did wrong.
It’s that re-run of mistakes playing in your mind and hope that really isn’t there 
♥ Being Forgotten
It’s that feeling of anger. It’s that feeling of,
How could you forget all our good times?
” It’s that
empty regret. It’s feeling like a ghost. Like you never
existed, and you really never should.
Let me tell you this – you’re not alone.
We all feel like this at some point in our life. Not exactly like this,
but we something like it. We’re all different, but we’re all human.
You’re not alone. Don’t be afraid.