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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

True Story

A guy was in a relationship with a girl for over two years. She was everything to him. She was the only one who could make him smile when he had a bad day. He loved her a lot. 

Things changed and they broke up. He was heartbroken. He just couldn't get over her. 

Someone advised him to smoke weed(cannabis) to get over her. He thought that maybe weed can help him. 

He asked a friend who smokes weed to take him to the nearest place where they sell weed. It was a slum. 

As he was waiting outside for him to score some weed for him, he saw an ice-cream vendor passing through. Then his eyes stopped at the three kids pleading their mother to buy them ice-cream. She scolded them as maybe she didn't have the money to buy them what they demanded. A veil of sadness surrounded the little kids. 

He took the kids to the vendor and bought them the ones they wanted. It cost him 25 Rupees(0.40 USD). The smile on their face, it was priceless

He asked them if he could take their picture.


They said yes without hesitating. It seemed like it was the first time someone clicked their picture.

This incident changed his life and he did not smoke weed that day or ever after.

Yes, money can buy happiness.